fourth of july, baking and burgers.

Happy hump day people!
I'm currently sipping a Diet Coke, getting ready to apply for some jobs and have Pretty Little Liars playing in the background-
because Netflix added more episodes!!!
And I need to find out who the heck is A. 

This was the best pic we got- we both look so tired! And I look like a ghost compared to my pop!
The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.. however Valentines Day {I hate to say it} is coming in REAL close to first place now..
and actually as I think of it so is Halloween because ever since being married Zak and I try to go ALL OUT for the holidays and I seriously love each one- 
even if I end up working because we work around our crazy schedules.
Anyways sorry for the tangent there.. 
 But for some reason this Independence Day,
{with everything going on and still getting settled into our new place},
I didn't want to do much.
You can read here about our much more exciting Fourth last year. 
At first we had plans to head up north and go all out for the weekend, but then I was just exhausted from everything and we opted for a very casual {and very nice} night at my dads.
We started the morning off going to the farmers market to pick up some treats for later that night.
We found an awesome hummus vendor and snagged some delicious dips and pita chips.
My favorite food!
Once we got to my dad's house we bbq'd hot dogs, well turkey dogs for me, and they were SO GOOD!
I haven't had a hot dog since last Fourth of July {you can read about it in that post haha}, and they're just so dang good!
I love food.
We played some games and then watched fireworks in the back of his truck.
We were in Gilbert where we got to see three different shows from where we were parked, which was gorgeous!
Oh and Romie also watched the fireworks with us, and he did so well!
He didn't even realize they were going off haha he's the best. 
It was a really relaxing night, and a great reminder of why we're back in AZ, for our family.

downtown farmers market

We had our niece and nephew over a ton this summer which was a lot of fun and well needed after being gone for two years. :(
One night I promised my niece we would bake some cookies, and come to find out we missed the step of "separate dough two inches apart" and ended up making one big giant cookie.
Which, hey wasn't too bad!
It was a sweet time baking with her, she's my little mini me I swear!

This is just a random photo of lunch earlier that day, she's the best date!
Last week I FINALLY got to see my BFF Charlcie!!
We've both been super busy, so it was great to catch up.
We went to Zinburger in downtown Gilbert- it was delicious!
We split some zucchini fires and man they were good.
Oh and by the way, downtown Gilbert is like the new hip place I guess?!
We had the hardest time picking a place to eat, because there's so many choices!
The night was filled with carbs, secrets, a little gossip and lots of laughs.
I love this girl so much. 
And SO SO SO happy to be back in AZ with her!:)

Look at that FOOD!

Have a good one!


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