cheers to two years.

Soooo June 1st was our second wedding anniversary!:)
It was also the day we made it back into town after like 22 hours of driving-
so there was a lotta emotions going on that day.
It's crazy because it feels like we've been married forever, in the best way possible.
We've been together since we were 18 and now that's about 7 years, can you believe it?!
It's weird to think there was a time he wasn't in my life, because we're inseparable. 
We've been through so much, and I wouldn't trade our {what sometimes seems kinda crazy} world for anything!
Zak's the best best friend I could ask for, man of my dreams and an above and beyond husband that I'm forever grateful for and so lucky to have!
Cheers to forever babe!
I love you so!

Oh and here is a little gem from our wedding night!
Remember Vines?! Y
eah well I'm really thankful for that trendy little app, because I now have sweet videos like this one above to cherish forever.


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