blackwell wedding.

Gang's all here!
Okay, let me just start off by saying this this wedding was 
Like dancing-to-Spice-Girls-50-people-in-a-conga-line kinda fun. 
We were in Temecula, CA for four days and holy moly it was a freaking blast.
Okay so with that said now let me break it down for ya.
Amy is one of my sorority sisters, best friends, bridesmaid and college roomie.
Her {now} hubby was one of Zak's best friends from high school and groomsmen.
Well we just so happened to partner them up at our wedding, and ever since that night- they've been together!
How cute is that!?
She's literally like the most perfect human being and most beautiful girl on the inside and out,
and I'm so happy she found her prince charming.
I'm also honored that they included Zak and I in their special day.
The first two days was the bachelorette party,
which was full of laughs, limo rides, dancing, carbs, vineyards, late-night talks, photos and fun.
It was perfect.

The pretty bride-to-be!
Our first vineyard of the day!

 My chickys!

There was even a mirror on the roof of the limo!
Dinner at the cutest and yummiest Italian bistro.  

When I said carbs, I wasn't kidding. LOOK AT THOSE PIZZAS! 
The view from our suite- so pretty!
Now lets talk about this wedding.
It was a destination, at such a beautiful resort.
It was tucked away in the hills of Temecula California, where you're surrounded by rolling vineyards and greenery for miles!
The morning of, all us girls got all dolled up, ate a yummy breakfast complete with donuts of course, and blasted music all in preparation for the big day.
Zak and I got to walk down the aisle together {as bridesmaid and groomsmen} and the ceremony was beautiful.
After lots of group photos we enjoyed fancy h'orderves and a delicious dinner...
and then made our way to the dance floor.
It was non-stop dancing all night long!
Seriously so much fun!
Another perk was that it was almost like a reunion with all my sorority sisters from college and friends from high school, it's nuts to see everyone all in one place!
The wedding went by so fast, but it was amazing.
Zak and are just so so so happy for the two of them and can't wait for their married life together:)

She gave us all kimono's are it's now my fav thing to wear! 

Hey there's me! I never get my makeup done, so I had to take a little selfie. 
This girl is the bees knees and my very own Kardashian sister. 
Her dress was from Anthropolgie's wedding line, and seriously stunning.  

She's just the cutest- staying hydrated with her sparkling water. 

My blurry date.  


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell, we love you!


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