beach bums.

Happy Sunday!
Our day so far has been filled with church, food and family but now Zak's asleep {yep at 2:38 PM} and I decided to put on my fav "Theory of Everything" sound track and have a relaxing afternoon doing some blog catch up. 
That last sentence actually makes us sound really old and kinda boring, but I promise we're fun!
Zak's just sleeping because he starts his first over night rotation at the hospital tonight and he's on the labor and delivery floor, so he needed to get some rest before the bebes come!
So maybe I just sound old?
Anyways, lets take a trip back to the beginning on June when, less than 24 hours after arriving to Arizona, we abandoned our chaotic box-filled apartment and left for a week in San Diego. 
Zak's brother and sister-in-law were expecting their first baby so we went for the birth!
However, Miss Penelope {the baby} stayed cooking a week longer so we didn't get to see her debut, but we did have an awesome time at the beach with some awesome people. 
The live near La Jolla so we spent a day exploring the beaches around there, and saw some super cute seals around the coves. 

He loves me. 

Oh yeah and we had a Chipotle picnic. Woop woop.
And continued to eat our way through the city..

Isn't this pink hotel just adorable?!

Then Zak and I ventured over to North County, Del Mar & Cardiff-By-The-Sea, area where I'm originally from and stayed the night in a hotel.
I've been wanting to show him the the little beach bungalow I grew up in forever now, so it was really sweet to tour him the town.
I might be a little biased, but I think that place is the prettiest place in the world. 
Holy cow we were lucky to live there.
And what I would give to move back someday!

Oh and Romie got to experience the ocean for the first time!!

Here's a little clip.. he was totally done about 3 seconds in and wanted outta there! But he got sand in his eyes so I had to wash him off.. he kinda hated me.
PS it's kinda unflattering of me so don't judge and blame Zak the camera man.
PPS ignore our "romie voices"
PPPS ignore the part where Romie looks miserable and say "take a pic of us!"
Dog mom of year award goes to me!

After that we explored Coronado Island, which is another adorably quaint place that is too cute for words.
I LOVE The Hotel Del,  but really who doesn't?
And it was really fun to show Zak all the history of the building and tour the neighborhoods.
Look Marilyn used to be a regular there!

We took the fairy over. 

The houses are kinda amazing. 
And the shops are so cute!
PS look at that sexy purse holding man on the left, ow ow!
He's going to kill me. :)
The gardens are cute too!
We had to make a pit stop at the candy shop as well. 
Isn't she a beaut?!

On the last day we went on a little morning hike around windandsea beach, which was gorgeous!
This trip was pretty much a big fat reminder of how sickly perfect San Diego is.
Like really, it's not fair.

We sad our sad goodbyes and then took a scenic route home so we could stop by and see some of my 
side of the fam and make a pit stop in Palm Springs, because that's another little town I love.
That's where my parents started dating, so I always think it holds a special little place in my heart. 
It's also where my mom took me before I got engaged as a little celebration getaway, anddddd near where we found our four legged child.
Before I write this part, I need to make a shout out to the best hubs ever.
Hahah oh he's such a patient trooper. 
He'd never been to Palm Springs before so I really really wanted to show him how retro and nostalgic the city is- it's kinda like time traveling and I eat it up. 
There was one house in particular that I wanted to show him..
so we ventured through this very very very nice mid-century neighborhood that we had no business being in, and found the famous house with a HUGE pink door.
Totally my kinda thing. 
... Zak thought the mouton in the background was cooler than the house, but whatever.
We got out to take some pics, but lets be real it was him taking a picture of me in front of the house-
{hence why I said he was a trooper after my what was only going to be 15 min pit stop turned into an hour and a half..}
Anywho, we left Romie in the car {it was running with AC blasting} since we were only going to jump out and take a photo. 
Well long story short we looked over and saw his head peeking up over the steering wheel and as we went to open the door... it was locked. 
He somehow managed to press the "lock" button with his paws. 
We first had a little panic attack.
Then started laughing nervously and kept saying, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"
And after that I had a couple more, I feel like I'm going to throw up and what the freak are we going to do moments..
But then we got it together tried to get him to come to the front of the car and press the button again..
and after like 30 minutes of promising treats for life and looking like we were trying to break into a car, all the while being in front of this persons house like complete weirdos, Romie impressed us with his talents and rolled down the window enough for Zak to reach in and unlock the door!
He can lock doors and rolls down windows!
It's really hilarious now, but horrifying in the moment.

We finally got back on the road, said hi to family and got back to AZ at midnight. 
Welp I've now listened to the entire soundtrack and have moved on to T-Swift and Zak just woke up and is signing "are we out of the woods yet?!" so it's my time to go and join him dancing in the kitchen!


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