babies and puppies.

Just wanted to do a little life update via my phone pics. 
This past weekend we were in L.A. for a mini family reunion.
It was really nice to see extended family as well as be "unplugged" the whole weekend.
I only snapped 1 photo!
It was great to kinda have my phone away and just visit with loved ones, and relax.
My mom and I spend a whole day cooking homemade chips, salsa and baked lots of loaves of pumpkin bread to get ready for the big feast we had.
Let's just say I had my fair share of food this weekend and paid for it at the gym today.

Baking away!

A few weeks ago we got to spend a little time in San Diego and finally met our new niece Penelope!
We are in love!
I woke up a little later than Zak, and when I walked into the living room it was the cutest thing to see him holding her and just doting upon her!
He didn't want to put her down.
He fed her, burped her and just laid her on his belly and I couldn't get enough!
She's a little slice of heaven. 

 Oh and I can't forget-
my mom's wittle bitty pup became a certified service dog!
Isn't he adorable?!
Her hope is to take him to hospitals where he can cheer up patients.
Such a sweet little guy!

Have a great rest of your day!
I have a long to-do list to get done which includes grocery shopping, laundry, job applications, the gym and maybe an episode of PPL. :)


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