checking in.

Greeting from ARIZONA!
Remember me?!
So sorry for my absence!
I just wanted to quickly stop in and give a little update.
I have soooo much to write about, and soon enough you'll be bombarded with posts {sorry in advance}, but right now our life is a little crazy so this blog is on the back burner. 
Anywho, I packed up our apartment, Zak took that HUGE test, we moved cross country back to Phoenix, went to the beach for a week, moved into our new home and now our focus is on family.
My mom is really really sick, she's going on her fourth day at the hospital, so that's our number one priority right now. 
Once we get some answers and life goes back to normal, I'll back here bloggin my little heart out! 
And will certainly explain more. 
But until then, prayers and positive vibes our way are much appreciated!
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


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