red box and skinny cows.

That title right there makes me so happy.
Last week my "Sunday" was actually a Thursday so Zak and I planned for a little date night.
We're penny pinching like crazy right now with this move coming up..
and we're trying our bests to be healthy..
so we decided on some tennis at the park, Red Box and Skinny Cows.
A recipe for a good night.
I really suck at tennis, and Zak doesn't really suck at tennis so we kinda more or less just see how long we can get the ball over the net.. than an actual game-
but hey, it was still fun:)
And nice to get out of the house and enjoy the weather.
It was right around sunset and we live across the river from the city scape, so the view was pretty awesome. 
Afterwards we swung by Wal Greens and grabbed a move and dessert.
If you've never tried Skinny Cows, you gotta add them onto your grocery list, now.
They're soooo good and guilt free!
When we got home I made smoothies and we cuddled up and watched the entire movie-
and neither of us fell asleep, woot woot!
It was a good night.
A really good night.


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