april into may.

To say that April/May has been stressful is a freaking understatement..
Like, I feel that it's still April, yet it's already mid way through May.
Oh and PS sorry for my absence lately. 
We've been super super busy and I feel like the weeks are going by in a flash!
Where to begin?!
Well in the last week I've gone from Nebraska to Iowa and Illinois, back to Iowa and then to Missouri and Kansas! 
We took a few trips before we're gone for good from the midwest-
only 16 more days!
Remember when I said we had a home all picked out like a few posts back?
Yeah well scratch that.
Long story short- The Palms in Arcadia suck and we're not living there.
This is why my life has been so stressful.
We only have 2 weeks and 3 days till we're in AZ and we just now found a good place to live..
Fingers crossed we'll FINALLY have our new home set in stone this afternoon.
It's been two months of hell trying to figure out our living situation- but we didn't give up and move-in with our parents so I think we're doing good?
But anywho so that little "to-do" has been taking up most of my time lately.
And when we haven't been dealing with housing crap we've been trying to make the most out of our final days in Omaha.
We finally tried a little hole in the wall Indian restaurant the other day and it was SO GOOD!
I've never had that type of food, and I'd totally eat there again. 
Afterwards I had Zak drive me through the historic neighborhoods-
I'm obsessed with the old houses and am going to miss them a lot.

We also had our last married to medicine group event:(
It was a breakfast themed dinner, and very yummy.
We brought donuts, typical.
{When it comes to group dinners, I stick with store bought dishes- saves time and money for this wife}. 

Zak is in NON STOP STUDYING MODE and so my days are filled with lots of moving "to-do's", packing and Romie cuddles.

I'm so stinking proud of my husband.
 And I'm trying my hardest not to be a distraction.. I'm good at that.
 And instead be his biggest cheerleader during this crunch time!
You're going to kick this board test butt. 

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