life on a farm.

There's a special place in my heart for little ole Galesburg Illinois.
It's where some of Zak's family lives, and it's been our little sanctuary these past 6 months.
Staying at his grandma's house means home cooked meals, lounging, talking for hours, playing card games and forgetting about the outside world or technology.
It's pretty great.
Oh and did I mention home cooked meals?
No joke I leave there a couple pounds heavier, but it's worth it.
Haha even if I'm killing myself in the gym the next week..
and starting a new diet plan..
yeah I'll explain that later.
When we went to Galesburg last week it was in the middle of asparagus season, so I was able to help his grandma and great aunt pick- which I was stoked to do!
I think living on a farm one day would be so cool, so spending our mornings in the field picking the food we'd later eat for dinner, was really fun and kinda therapeutic in some ways.
Farm to table food is amazing.
We had asparagus and cheese soup, deep fried mushrooms, blueberry muffins, farm fresh egg casseroles, gooey chocolate chip cookies, this wonderful thing called scatter mix, cheese cheese and more cheese! Gourmet styled grilled cheeses on organic bread, spinach and chicken tortellini and spring salads.
Just typing this makes me hungry!
Gosh I love his family.
And I'm thankful to be apart of it now.
And and and I can't wait to go back again-
it's our favorite place!

All the puppy cousins hanging out. 

Proof I picked.

How darling is the farm house?!

I loved the white flowers, yellow house and lace curtains. So precious! 

Our road trip essentials. 

Snapped only a couple pics of the food- I was too busy stuffing my face, oops. 

We picked about 50lbs a day!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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