ikea, babies and kansas city.

Since the move is getting close and closer..
{I swear all my posts have been about moving back lately, sorry!}
the girls and I decided to pack up all the kiddos and take a little day trip to Kansas City.
First of all, I'm grateful for living in Omaha because I've gotten to travel to most of the midwest states, which lets be honest if you would've asked me if I ever wanted to visit Kansas City before this, I probably would've said, "no thank you."
Haha and acted like these people in this video. 
So it's given me a new sense of appreciation for these flyover states.
People, the midwest is beautiful!
And I promise it's not just flat corn fields for miles and miles. 
This is my third time to KC and each time I leave I wish we had more time to explore.
It kinda reminds me of a mini Chicago, {minus the river and Lake Michigan}
the architecture is really cute and the food is pretty ridiculous. 
You can see my other trips right here and here, if ya want!
 But anywho me and three other wives {who are all preggers} and two cute toddlers loaded up a rented mini van- and let me tell you for a mini van this thing was nice! And we to Kansas City!
Our first stop was food.
We tried a little bakery with the best soups and salads!

Then we headed to Buy Buy Baby- remember they're all preggo!
I had fun testing out all the cute strollers ya know for that baby we don't have.

Afterwards we ventured to Ikea.
I hadn't been in two years!
Can you believe it?!

We don't have either of those stores in Nebraska, which was kinda the reason of our trip-shopping!
Zak and I used to always have dates at Ikea.
We'd walk about dreaming of our home one day picking out the furniture while eating ice cream.
PS this Ikea's ice cream machine was out of order- sad day!
We wondered around the store and then let the littles have some play time.
Their food court was gorgeous {first pic in this post} and had pretty views of the city, which was relaxing after all the walking around.
Afterwards we headed downtown for dinner and dessert.
We opted for a New York style deli and custard.
It was pretty good!
After this week of binge eating all things fattening I'm now on a strict new diet/exercise plan, wishing I could go back and eat all of this stuff again... wish me luck!
We made it back late Monday night, and I'll have to say it was a very successful trip!
We had a blast, and I'm really glad we did this before we move.
I'm going to miss these ladies so so much! They've been such a wonderful support team, and will be our forever friends.


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  1. Love this post! I will forever cherish this day! I'm so glad we were able to do it! I'm still in denial that you move in 2 weeks. 😢 we will miss you and Zak so much. Omaha won't be the same without you two!