weekend roundup.

Happy Monday people!
The trees are blooming and BEAUTIFUL right now..
and I'm using them as my motivation to get outside and enjoy this weather. 
I hope you're having a fresh new week:)
I'm off today, so my goal is to have a super productive day and get all my chores checked off my list. 
Our weekend was full of friends and food.
We got together with the whole gang Friday night, and sadly it was the last time we'd all be together..
With summer almost here lots of people are going back home, so we had to have one last backyard barbecue before everyone leaves.
This group has been our Omaha family. And they will be our life long friends.
We all joke that one day, {when we're not super broke medical school couples} we'll meet up and go on big beach vacations with our families.
And I truly believe that will happen, because these guys will always be like family to us.
It's hard to explain the hardships, the schedules, the studying and the intensity of this lifestyle to people, but these wives understood it more than anyone else-
and I'm forever thankful to have had them by my side these past two years.

My other day was also filled with these awesome wives celebrating the arrival of another little! 
Babies are everywhere these days, and I just love it!
I also love showers.
All the tiny clothes, tiny diapers and the "ooo and awes" are my favorite. 
I'm so bummed we won't be here when three of the mommas I know are due, so being here for the some of the showers is really special.

Well I'm going to keep this post short and sweet-
because the apartment people should be stopping by any minute to show our place.. since they never came the other day {see previous post for details}.. !
Have an awesome kick-butt Monday!


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