random thoughts.

Happy Thursday people!
I hope your week is going good.. we're almost to the weekend!
Romie and I are just waiting to have our apartment shown.. it's those kinda visits where they could come during a 3 hour window.. so we can't really do much.. so I figured I'd blog till they get here.
It's been super cloudy/foggy/rainy ALL WEEK!
Literally haven't seen the sun since Sunday. 
But I'm weirdly liking it?
It's not freezing, just in the 40's and 50's so I haven't minded the gloomy days.
Or maybe I like it because it's super dark which makes me feel like it's okay for me to binge watch Pretty Little Liars?
Yeah, I know. I'm like 5 years late with this show, but I finally started it and..
 I. Must. Find. Out. Who. A. Is.
Sooo I watched probably too many episodes on my days off this week.
Oops. I blame this weather!
Apartment people still aren't here so I'm gunna keep writing!
You guys! It's already April 9th!
Like what?! That means in two months we'll be settling into our new place in ARIZONA!
I don't have a countdown going or anything..!
Umm what else what else.
I finally was able to braid my hair without a million bobby pins !!!
I feel like I officially have medium length hair.. FINALLY!
No more short hair for me!
I work an odd shift later tonight, and since I thought these apartment people were coming early I was a mad woman and started deep cleaning our place at like 8 this morning.. 
so the good thing is all my chores are done.. except for going to the gym. 
My new motivation is watching PLL while I run- I tell myself I can't watch an episode before I've gone to the gym, and it works!
So sad I have to trick myself like this. But really, who enjoys running? NOT ME.
I'm excited for this weekend, I get to go to a baby shower {I love showers} and we're having a game night with friends, which is also fun.
I'm going to miss these people when we move! :(
Wasn't it such a weird Easter weekend?
I feel like it came so fast this year!
And I think since I was in AZ for part of the weekend, it didn't really feel like Easter, since we were house hunting instead of Easter egg hunting.
I can't wait to have a big family dinner next Easter. I've missed those times!
I told you this was going to be a random post!
Welp, the people should be here soon, so I'm going to wish ya a good rest of your day and sign off!


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