quick trip.

Just got back from my super quick trip to Arizona, and man do I feel like I need a vacation.. from a vacation.
I had one full day and two partial days.. sooo I. Was. Busy.
The goal of the trip was to find a place for us to live.. so we {my family and I} looked at nearly 20 different homes. 
I also managed to squeeze in time with friends, coffee dates, some time at the pool and lots of eating.. too much eating.. 
so it's safe to say I went on little to no sleep and was sipping caffein.. a lot.
But we did find a place!
Now we're just waiting on some paperwork {cross your fingers for us} and everything should be set!
It's in the Arcadia district, walking distance to shops and my favorite restaurants and has the prettiest floors you ever did see!
June 1st can't come soon enough.
But anywho, it was super nice to see my family and friends again, waiting six months to visit was terribly long.
And it's starting to actually feel real, 
like we're moving back to Arizona! 
I get so giddy just thinking about it. 
And I have to stop myself from thinking about it, or else the days will just crawl by.
There are very little photos of this trip, which says I was busy- because you know I like taking pictures!
But here ya go!

^^ Isn't this house darling?! Just one of the cute historic places we checked out! 

Exhausted us eating at the airport. We look so happy..! Not. 

I woke up to lots of little notes from my niece. I cannot wait to be closer to the kiddos again!

I also visited my nephew's class and watched him give a presentation- so proud! I also had to sneak this photo, because you know it's not cool to take pics in 6th grade. 

And it wouldn't be a trip to AZ without some Bosa Donuts! Mmm. 

I hope your Easter weekend was a wonderful one!


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