earth day.

Happy Earth Day everyone!
It's gorgeous here today, and the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the holiday!
I feel like it's been forever since I blogged, but really it's only been a week?
Maybe that's because it's just been a kinda crazy couple of days at work?
See next post for a wild {you'll get the pun soon} story I covered on Friday.
But anywho, I'm back!
And time is just flying by like usual!
I have less than two weeks left at work.
It's going to be bittersweet leaving- but I'll save my FOX42 News goodbyes for another post.
Since it's Earth Day I wanted to share some stunning photos of Omaha!
You're probably thinking how the heck are corn fields stunning?!
Well I promise Omaha isn't as farm-y as you may think!
I will miss spring time here so so so much when we move.
These colors are beyond gorgeous.
God is one beautiful artist!
One of my all time favorite things to do is tour the historic neighborhoods-
It's something my mom and I would do when I was little. 
We loved touring fancy neighborhoods or looking at model homes for interior inspiration-
I think that's where I get my love to decorate from!
I adore seeing the houses, landscaping and architectural details like to aged brick or cobblestone streets. 
I seriously could have snapped a picture in front of each house, but then I got worried that someone might think it was being a big time creeper or something, you know just rolling down my window and taking photos of their house..
but I did grab a few good ones!

Look at those mowing lines- it's like beautiful vacuum lines! I know I'm crazy. 

AGED BRICK. enough said. 
Tulips. Are. Everywhere.

Okay this used to be someone's house, but now it's a really cool castle that we take walks around sometimes. 

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day-
now go recycle,  and be nice to animals.


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