donuts, ice cream and hot chocolate oh my.

I know, I look insane.
But you guys, everywhere I turned last week there were treats and sweets waiting for me!
And then I went to AZ, and you know calories don't count on vacation,
so yeah I'm now paying for that little mindset.
And this week I'm being much stricter!
And getting myself to the gym.. and if I want sugar I make myself a smoothie instead.
Sorry, but writing it out sometimes helps me hold myself accountable. 
Because in a newsroom, there's always FOOD! 
So I need to be better, and just say no.
.. even though it's tough!
Any tricks you have to avoiding horrible food at work?!

These were riding around with me all day! And yes there's bacon on that donut. 
But I'm being better now. 
Chilling on the caffein and sugar.. and getting my butt back on the treadmill. 

It's amazing how much I dread going to the gym, but then how good I feel leaving. 
I'm getting pretty darn good at making these bad boys too! 

Zak's doing well, studying more and more as the count down to his HUGE test begins!
I have less than a month left at work- CRAZY!
And then I will be a full time mover.
And get everything in motion for the three day long caravan ride back to Phoenix.
Romie's doing good as well, in case you were wondering. 

I'm off today, and Zak's home which is the best!
It's been super rainy and cloudy lately, so it's kinda nice being tucked away inside. 
It's kinda what I needed after this weekend in AZ, it was a tad stressful finding a place for us to live.

Oh yeah the grass is bright green again and there's little blossoms on the trees-
Spring is slowly but surely making its way back!
So random, but it's so exciting to see!
You know I'm from AZ when I freak out about the change in seasons.

All that's on my mind right now is moving back to AZ this summer, so I feel like I need to make a plan or bucket list of things to do here to look forward to so I'm more in the moment ya know?
So as it warms up I think I'm going to try and take Romie on some little adventures. 

Other than that not much else has been going on-
just home from AZ, getting back into the pattern of things and winding down at work-
it's going to be bittersweet leaving soon!

Anywho, I hope your hump day is going good!


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