best friend.

Last night Zak and I took Romie outside before going to bed.
 Before we got to the stairs he said "hop on" gave me a piggyback ride down and carried me around the grass while Romie did his thing. 
It was one of those times we were both laughing like crazy, playing around and just in our own little world.
Those are my favorite moments in life.
Zak is my best friend.
And it's been that way since the very beginning.
We've been inseparable since we were 18.
But now that we're "grown ups" sometimes his hectic medical school schedule and my hectic reporter schedule don't match and we don't get to go on dates as much as we want, or shoot just have time together as much as we want-
so little times like this when we play around as if we're just two kids in high school again without a worry in the world makes me heart so freaking happy.
And I'm thankful these times happen more often than dates nights do.. because I need them. 
It's just one of the 1287482981623 reasons I love him.
He'll always be my best friend, make my laugh life crazy and make me feel like we're on our first day all over again.  


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