be kind.

So when I was in AZ something happened in the process of getting our apartment that was really crappy.. but in the end everything worked out.
However, I'm a firm believer that there's a lesson behind a lot of things that happen, and I totally think this was a lesson God was trying to teach me. 
I aways try and learn from others, whether it's mistakes or successes.
My boss has even said I'm like a sponge.
I soak in everything around me, and I'm constantly learning!
If I make a mistake, I don't make it twice.
Or really really try not to!
It's the only way I've been able to get where I am at work, which is an awesome place.
But anywho, I wanted to write this post for you, to learn from one of my mistakes this weekend.
To make a long story short, there was a big miscommunication with one of the apartment complexes, we were told one thing, but given something else. 
I was super disappointed, because at the time I thought we weren't able to get the apartment we really really wanted so I was bummed.  
I hadn't eaten, I was going on a couple hours of sleep and not looking forward to leaving my family that night.
Not that any of these are excuses.. but just so you could see how I was feeling.
Well as I was talking to Zak on the phone, telling him about the bad news, my parents were talking inside with the lady in charge {the one who we had a miscommunication with},
and while they were talking, my dad asked what her tattoo meant.
{She had faith written over her heart}.
Well she said her husband been shot and killed overseas while he was serving in the military and it's her reminder to have faith everyday, even though he's gone.
My dad told me all this as we were leaving the complex and my heart sunk.
She's living my worst nightmare.
I could never ever ever imagine losing Zak.
Ever. I can't even think about it. 
And I will never know what she's going through.
Her husband gave up his life, for ours.
I felt horrible for rolling my eyes, being upset and not thinking too kind of things during the hiccup.
She was just doing her job, supporting her son who now doesn't have a father. 
I think this was a lesson that I need to be more patient, understanding and forgiving to everyone around me. 
So if you're reading this, I hope you take at least one thing away,
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
Thankfully everything worked out with the apartment, and we've been working great with the lady all week! 
But I just thought I'd share this story, so hopefully the next time your upset, frustrated or in a hurry you don't take it out on someone around you and that you're extra kind to everyone you meet!


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