that girl on tv.

So I kinda got behind on posting my stories, oops!
But I got one for ya today.
And sorry for the blurry photo- it's the best I could do!
This story's about a lady who had her car broken into while she was at the gym- 
so the lesson of this is..
don't ever ever ever leave anything valuable in your car.
Even if you think it's a "nice" area, it's just for 5 minutes or ya think it's hidden. 
Take it from someone who had her car broken into and purse stolen in college-
it sucks. 
And if you can prevent it, do so.
Anywho, this lady was awesome to work with-
and a Zumba instructor, how fun!
Hope ya enjoy!

Oh and PS I shoot, write and edit all of these video on my own. 
It's called one-man-banding it-
just wanted to clarify before sharing. 

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