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Hello Spring!
I decided to list some stuff that makes me smile today. 
I'm a firm believer that the little day to day things are what makes up the big picture in life. 
And being thankful for those little things is important too!
So while we may not be planning a tropical vacation soon or buying new living room furniture,
we are alive, healthy and smiling. 
So these are somethings that make me happy.

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1. Diet 7-UP
2. Putting in my resignation letter, because it really means we're moving to AZ!
3. Seeing 50 on the forecast
4. Waking up before the sunrises
5. Pushing my creativeness at work
6. Lighting vanilla candles all around the house
7. Hanging up Easter decorations
8. Romie chasing the squirrels on our walk
9. EOS lip balm
10. Getting my Birchbox in the mail
12. The cold air in the morning- it's like a wake up call from Mother Nature!
13. Making smoothies with the hubs.
14. Talking on the phone with my parents
15. Seeing March in my planner- it's Spring!
16. Leaving the gym because I never smile when I'm on my way
17. Binge watching Netflix
18. Loudly singing T-Swift in the car
19. Crossing off to-do items 
20. Sweet notes from Zakary

This photo looks so fun and also makes me smile. And want donuts. PC: Pinterest 

Hope you have an awesome day!
And that you find a list of little things that make you smile today!

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