six things about me.

Good morning from Romie and I!
Excuse our bed head looks. 
We woke up to a dark sky and lots of rain, which I'm not really complaining about.
I got all my chores and most of to-do's done with yesterday, so it's kinda nice being cuddled up inside when it's so rainy.
Anywho, hope your Tuesday's going good.
I woke up way way wayyy later than I should have, so it's been a slow start.
But it's my day off, so I guess it's okay?
I thought it'd be fun to share some random things about myself that you might not've known..
I got the idea after talking with my co workers who thought I was lying when I said I've been to Africa!
And plus not much has been going on around here haha so I don't have much to report on..
I live an exciting life, I tell ya!
Okay so here it goes:

1. I have been to Africa, Mali to be exact. It's in West Africa. I spent a month in a rural village building a school foundation for the kiddos. My senior class wanted to leave a legacy, so we raised a bunch of money and built a school in Africa. Pretty dang cool if ya ask me! I was one of the students who went for the groundbreaking. Hardest manual labor I've ever done in my life, yet the most rewarding thing I've done as well. The people there are AMAZING! I'm so thankful to have met them. 

2. I've never had a professional massage before. Whenever I tell people that, they're shocked! Maybe one day i'll try it out.

3. I text my parents goodnight every single night. It's just a habit that I've always done, especially being away from home.

4. The most nervous I've ever been is when I had to give my high school graduation speech in front of thousands of people.. and the girl that spoke seconds before me used the same corny Dr. Seuss quotes... you'd think whoever approved them would've had me change my speech! Embarrassing.

5. One time my work suggested I bleach my eyebrows. And I came very close to doing so. Thank heavens I did not.

6. I still have my "bankie" aka baby blanket. And yes it's in our bed. And yes I'm married and almost 25. AND IT'S NEVER LEAVING!!

Welp hope you enjoy those little tangents!
And here's some more pics of Romie and I.
I obviously have too much time on my hands right now.

^^ this is his "too cool for school" face.

^^ this is his "get me the freak out of here" face.


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