PC: Pinterest 
Are you a pinner?
I sure am!
I go on Pinterest daily.
It's kinda my guilty pleasure.
I love scrolling through the pretty photos,
getting great ideas,
dreaming of gorgeous home and sometimes it's just the inspiration I need for the day.
So I though I'd post some of my favorite things I've been looking at on Pinterest lately. 

1. How fun does this look?!

2. I really really want this dress. And I want to twirl around in it too. 


4. This wedding photo is just darling.

5. This table setting just makes me want to relive our honeymoon days in Hawaii. Sigh.

6. Why can't this be my dinner?

7. Someone teach me how to bake these beauties!

8. I think open shelving is so cool.

9. I need to go wherever this is. 

10. Goal: host a donut party.

11. Another goal: get hair back to this length, pronto.

12. Easter's almost here people! Start planning your egg designs!

So yeah, some of my pins lately. 
I spared you the dozens of baby photos I've been pinning a lot lately too, 
you're welcome. 
I may or may not be baby hungry at the moment. 
Anywho, these are NOT my photos, and all credit goes to good ole Pinterest. 
I just wanted to share some of the pins I've been loving on lately. 
If ya wanna follow my account,
{I also pin lots of food, so you're welcome for that too}
just click right here.

Have a lovely night people!


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