And welcome to!
Yep, that's right-
we changed zee name!
We did some blog spring cleaning, and decided the old url had to go.
It was a long and chunky.. and hard to spell.
So out with the old and in with the new!
And I'm kinda really loving it. 
I hope you do too:)
Anywho, everything else is staying the same.
Just a little makeover to keep things exciting and fresh.
I think the new name fits pretty perfectly.. 
since this is the diary of twenty-something newlyweds.
And even when we're celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary one day-
 and aren't technically "newlyweds" we always want to feel like newlyweds.
We always want to be excited about things, obsess over everyday occurrences and act like it's our first year of marriage.
So hip hip hooray for!

PS I thought I'd do a little wedding reminiscing..
and PPS why can't we have more than 1 wedding?!
I say we get to throw one every couple of years.
They're just too fun to only do once.


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