monday blues.

Happy Monday people!
I thought I'd share some tips that help me get through my Monday rut-
because lets be honest..
who likes Mondays?!

1. Get up and MOVE! I make it a big point to set my alarm clock a little earlier so I make it to spin class or take Romie on an extra long walk to get my day started. There's something about working out in the mornings that makes me productive throughout the day.

2. Treats. I like to reward my productiveness with treats.. but I'm also trying to be healthy {yuck} so I'll make myself a smoothie to take with me on errands or on my way to work. Sounds silly, but it makes car rides much better. 

3. Write, write and write again. I make my "to-do" for the week on Monday mornings, that way I can see how my week is shaping up and I try to knock out as many tasks as I can on Monday so that I free up the rest of my week.

4. Taylor Swift. Or any good music at that. I blast a little T-Swift in the car, or dance around the apartment with Romie to get me energized and motivated when my caffein starts wearing off in the afternoon- dang you 3:00!

5. People. My people to be exact. Zak and Romie to be specific. Make time on your Monday to spend it with people you love. If Zak is home studding, we'll take a little break and have lunch together or sometimes if we aren't able to see each other during the day we'll plan to have a sleepover in the living room that night. Making plans {lunch dates, dinner dates, playdates, gym dates} with people on Mondays makes the day MUCH better and is the perfect way to start the week.

Well I hope my tricks help kick any Monday blues ya might have!
Just look at it as your fresh start to a new week!
Have  a lovely Monday!


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