happy monday.

Happy Monday people!
Romie didn't want to get out of bed this morning.. 
So I hope you've had a more energized morning than he has!
Today is kinda my "Sunday" in the TV world, since I go back to work tomorrow. 
I somehow got up and went to spin class without thinking myself out of it.
Am I the only person who literally lists excuses of why I "don't need to go"  to the gym before working out?!
Last week I had a bunch of those days, and I'm determined not to have too many this week.
It's going to be a crazy week at work- 
lots of corporate meetings and all that good stuff. 
So I'm kinda gearing myself up for that-
I have a case of diet 7-Ups waiting to be packed in my lunch bag.
They've been my guilty pleasures lately.
They're so tasty!
And no caffein- which I'm trying to avoid!
Our weekend was full of friends, Netflix, cuddle sessions, reading and baking. 
Lots of baking. 
I blame the cold weather for my need to bake-
it's like snow just makes ya wanna stay inside, light some candles, do some baking, watching movies and ignore that it's 7 degrees outside. 
I will kinda maybe miss these cold days when we're in AZ.
I really wanted to bake one HUGE cookie. It didn't really pan out. Dang you Pinterest. 
But I ate it anyways.  
Worth it. 
And then the next day I felt the need to bake a couple dozen of regular sized cookies. So good.
Oh and pizza was in our plans too. 
So yeah we've just been hibernating. 
We've made it a point to hangout with our group of friends here as much as possible..
since we only have THREE months left!
Holy moly!
So we pretty much have dinner and game night every Saturday.
I'm certainly going to miss it. 
I pray that we transition back to AZ well, and that we have a great group of good people to spend time with like we do here. 
It sounds silly, since we're from AZ and know lots of people.
But everyone's so busy these days it can be hard getting everyone together,
but I hope we can make it work.
Anddd I'm still hunting for a place to live when we get back to AZ.
So if anyone knows of some great rentals in Mesa or Tempe- help a girl out!
I just keep searching Craigslist.. and I'm getting nowhere.
But back to the ONLY THREE MONTHS LEFT IN OMAHA sentence.
Can you believe it?!
Because I can't. 
A big chapter of our life will be ending.
 I think we'll always look at Omaha as our "newlywed" years.
Even though we want every year to feel like we're newlyweds. 
Its been just the two of us and Romie in our own little world.
For us, being away from family, friends and the familiar was challenging,
but also the biggest blessing. 
We've grown so so much. 
Our relationship keeps getting stronger. 
We somehow get closer and closer. 
I always think that isn't possible after being together for almost 7 years.. 
but we keep just falling deeper and deeper in love. 
Going back to Arizona will be a new chapter in our life. 
Hopefully full of new beginnings.
I can't wait!
We always said we wanted to travel and live in different places- 
and that wish came through! 
We'll have lived in 3 states in 2 years. 
Counting our blessings we get to go back to the Valley this summer!
Anywho- Romie and I are going to go embrace the cold and head out for a walk-
and the hubs just home so I'm gunna sign off!
Hope you had a motivated Monday!


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