friday night.

We're partyin' it up ova here on our Friday night!!
Haha NOT. 
It's 7:30 and I'm home from work {rare} and Zak's studying the night away.
So I'm watching some shows, doing a little bloggin'-
should be going to the gym- 
but lets be real it's Friday night and not happening. 
Zak takes the most important test of medical school in two months and nine days..
so it's go time!
And I'm so stinkin proud of him. 
He won't like me talking about him..
but I don't care :)
He's been kicking butt in his classes {like honoring four classes in a row type of kicking butt}, studying full time for this test and being the best husband ever, in the meantime. 
He just continues to amaze me!
And he's going to make the most caring doctor someday. 
So I'm trying my best to be extra supportive and his biggest cheerleader during this crunch time!
And not suggesting Netflix binge sessions or Harry Potter movie marathons when he has to have a good day of studying. 
So that means lots of Romie and me time! 
Which is perfect timing since the weather is finally warming up.
I'm also going to start doing some fun projects on here too-
some home decor tutorials and hosting tips that will help you throw the cutest and affordable get together.
Over the past couple years hosting and entertaining have become such passions of mine so I want to start  sharing them with ya! 
But anywho, I hope your weekend is a great one!!

^^^ hashtag crazydoglady 


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