donkeys, roads trips and spring.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!
Hope ya didn't forget to wear green today-
I didn't and paid for it!
We're being really crazy and celebrating with some green smoothies.
We're wild!

It reached 85 degrees yesterday.. can you believe it?!
I'm still in shock.
I was walking Romie and actually said the words, "it's hot."
And I finally got to wear just a sweater outside-
no winter coat!
I really hope I don't jinx it.. watch it snow next week.

Anywho life's truckin' along and time just keeps flying by!
Only two weeks till I'm visiting AZ again- woot woot.
This past weekend we went on a little trip to Galesburg, IL to see family.
It was so nice visiting, eating {way way wayyyy more than I should have} and just shutting out the world for a couple days.
When we move back to AZ, I'm going to miss being close to that little town.
It's so nice having family in the midwest.
We have to cross the Mississippi River and it's always to exciting to see!
Zak studying his life away. 
Zak snuck this pic of Romie and I soaking in the warm temps on the porch. I miss being there already!

Work was a little crazy last week.
I did a story about a donkey rescue that got lots of attention- good and bad.
Can't get too much into it, but I'm so thankful to have a hubby who helps me through hard times and then has me laughing about those times a few hours later.
And after I came home from work he had dinner and a little fort built in the living room for a much needed movie night sleepover.
I don't know what I'd do without him.
And PS I'm truly thankful for people who open their hearts and homes to animals in need-
we need more of them in this world I tell ya!

This was my stressed face at work. Cute right?! Kidding. 
Oh and I wanna give a quick shoutout to Romie for being the sweetest pup in the whole wide world.
While I'm blogging he's just so content laying in my lap.
I love him.
He's the best fur baby ever.

And I'll finish this post with some random thoughts and photos..

^^^My mom sent me this photo of her pup- he should be a dog model!

We've been eating lots of salad/smoothie combos lately in an attempt to be healthier..
Umm what else.
- I host girls night this week- so look for that post soon!
- I applied for my first AZ job- or at least asked if there were any open positions..
but hey that's a start.
If any people in the journalism world know of job openings.. help a sister out!
- Zak and I have some pretty exciting ideas for the future of this little ole blog..
tell ya about those later on.
- I'm still searching Craigslist daily for places to rent in AZ and they're still all nos. Sooo that's a little stressful.
- We've started a super strict budget and we're determined to stick to it. If you have any money saving tips send them my way!
- My hair is long enough to put in a pony without bobby pins! It's a miracle! But now it's in this in-between short and medium length and it's tempting me to cut it again.
- If anyone wants to do some blog collaborations let me know.. I'm in the creative mood!
- I've been thinking a lot about planning a baby shower lately- and no I'm NOT pregnant. Just thoughts! :)
- We got a new Wal Mart by our house and it's made grocery shopping MUCH better. Thank heavens for clean Wal Marts.
- I bought a bunch of reusable shopping bags that also make grocery shopping that much better.
- I have to miss this weeks married to medicine ice cream sundae party and I'm bummed. How good does ice cream sound right now!?
- I got my butt kicked in spin class today.
- Afterwards I went to the dollar store and found some great stuff for girls night and Easter- score!
- My day off is almost over so I'm trying not to look at the clock and notice it's already 6:15- where has the day gone?!
- And Zak is gunna take a little dinner break from studying now so it's my time to sign off!

Hope you have an awesome and safe St. Patty's Day!


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