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I had two full days of great workouts and clean eating.. until last night. 
{I know two days sounds weak- but hey we were out of town all weekend so you know I wasn't eating good and Monday was my fresh start}.
When there was breaking news at the very end of my shift..
and after 12 hours of resisting all the treats in the news room I scooped up a big handful of candy.
My excuse: "It's breaking news, I need this!"
Stupid me. I didn't need it. 
And now I'm hosting girls night tonight..
which is always full of desserts and appetizers galore!
So wish me luck that I resist some of the sweets-
and get my butt back to the gym today!
Okay rant is over.
Sometimes I just need to write these hiccups down to hold myself accountable!
And I just think that cake above is so darn cute. 
So random, but so cute. 
Anywho hope you have a splendid Thursday- it's almost the weekend!
Woot woot. 

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