to do lists shmodo lists.

So remember in my post, like two days ago where I said wish us luck at the DMV-
and that we were spending the afternoon running errands?
Welp that went out the window on Saturday.
 And we decided to ditch our to do list and go snowboarding instead!
Such a great idea. 
We needed time to ourselves. 
Some people might think, you're married without kiddos, you get plenty time together!
Ha! Not. 
With a hubby in medical school and me working nights- we really don't see each other that much. 
So we said forget our to do list, tasks, errands and studying.
We need us time. 
Away from computers, books and phones. 
So we headed up to a little ski park that's about 20 minutes away,
{why we've never gone snowboarding there before is beyond me- it's so close}! 
It was sunny and 54 degrees out, but there was still tons of snow on the ground so it was the perfect day to go. 
We didn't even wear jackets!
It totally reminded me of AZ. 
It was Zak's first time using a ski lift, so that was the highlight of my night. 
No one makes me laugh harder than him, and I freaking love it. 

And I love people watching with him. 
My stomach hurt from laughing so much.
We had the best time snowboarding, just the two of us. 
That was also a first as well.
We've always gone with other people in the past, and it was really nice just us two out there. 
Oh and it was dusk- so riding on the lifts while the sun was setting was gorgeous!
And very romantic!

I've never been snowboarding at night- it's so much fun!
A different experience for sure.
Afterwards we went to the lodge and hung out for a while.
Talked about our future, how our little family is everything and how being true best friends is a complete blessing. 

I love this man more than anything.
He's my soulmate, better half, high school sweetheart and most importantly best friend.
I wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else by my side. 
Marriage is amazing. 
People who knock it are crazy. 
Living with you best friend, chasing your dreams together, accomplishing life goals with one another and going through the day to day ups and downs in the best thing ever.
I love you Zak.
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. 
Thanks for an amazing day.

Oh and PS we ended the night eating Hardees burgers and fries in the and watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy {or current obsession} in the car.
Best day ever. 


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