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So for the last three months I've been working on an investigative story, uncovering puppy mills in Nebraska. 
I drove over 9 hours.
Read through countless state inspection reports.
Saw dozens of abused and neglected dogs.
And met some of the most amazing people ever. 
It was the hardest, yet most rewarding story I've done thus far.
It was gut wrenching to see these puppy mills.
And it broke my heart each time I left a breeders facility and could hear the dogs and puppies yelping from the road.
Especially when it was only five degrees out. 
This story taught me more than I could've ever imagined. 
As a young reporter I learned to stand up to people who are doing the wrong thing,
how to really hold state officials accountable,
ask the tough questions, 
be persistent and never give up,
and I learned how to do this all on my own. 
It was empowering to know that little ole me can really make a difference,
that is, little ole me and a kick butt camera. 
My goal throughout this entire story was to educate people about these puppy mills.
I wanted people to get upset, be mad and do something about this problem. 
And I can truly say I reached that goal.
The attention this story has gotten on social media alone is incredible. 
I went to bed with happy tears, just reading all the posts, comments, likes and shares this story received. 
The numbers were astounding. I still can't believe it. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who watched!
I'm still honestly in shock that so many people tuned in, and want to make a difference. 
What I uncovered was hard cold facts that some of these breeders are neglecting, abusing and killing these puppies and dogs, and the state of Nebraska is allowing it to happened. 
This needs to change.
And the sad part is, this isn't new news to some..
this has been happening for years.
But it needs to stop now. 
And I hope this story motivates people to do something about it. 

Oh and PS I shoot, write and edit all of these video on my own. 
It's called one-man-banding it-
just wanted to clarify before sharing. 


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