lovely and lame lists

Happy Thursday Everybody!
Hope you're day is going well.
We're just over here hibernating until Spring..
loving this literal 1 degree temperature!
So remember when I started doing my lovely and lame list here?
I kinda break up life's pro's and con's into two lists:
the lovely list
the lame list.
So here it goes!

- This is my day off!
- Zak is home studying with me.
- We're listening to The Theory of Everything Soundtrack- if you don't have it, get it now.
- Not too much on the to-do list today.
- I get another three day weekend, yipee!
- Worked with a national TV network this week.
- There's a diet 7-UP waiting for me in the fridge.
- I'm going to work on some future projects today- can't wait to share them with you!
- Another investigative story I worked on for months aired last night.
- Before bed Zak put on the Interstellar soundtrack {we've obviously been into Oscar soundtracks lately} and Romie started going crazy listening to it, and we literally couldn't stop laughing. There were tears running down our faces. We haven't laughed that hard is a long time. 

- It's literally 1 degree outside.
- I worked 15 hours straight on Tuesday.
- We can't go on long walks with Romie, because it's too cold.
- I did a story with a man in desperate need of help. He's blind and deaf, and his guide dog is losing his sight as well. I hope my story will inspire others to help this man and his dog.
- I might have shed a tear while interviewing him.
- Emails from viewers about other puppy mills in NE, it breaks my heart that those facilities continue to operate. Especially on days like today when it's deadly cold.
- I wish there was more I could do to help some of the people I do stories on.
- My dad's birthday was this week, and I wasn't there to celebrate with him. 


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