happy birthday cha!

Happy birthday this pretty girl!

She's the bestest best friend a girl could ever ask for!
Since 8th grade she's been such a gem in my life and I'm forever thankful for our friendship.
No one makes me laugh more, cry {while laughing} more or eat Jack in the Box Tacos at midnight more like her.
We've been on the greatest adventures ever-
and made the best memories ever-

{snowboarding for our first time, rescuing the houseboat, going surfing in Hawaii, cheerleading tryouts.... high school math classes, breakups, Pottery Barn dates, two weddings, and lots of girl talk till 1 am}
just to mention a few!

She's the funniest person you'll ever meet-
I've mentioned her a ton on the blog-
 here, here and here if ya wanna read,
she's been the greatest friend, especially with the big move to Nebraska, and the biggest support!
Wish I was there to chow down at your fave AZ restaurants, do a little shopping at Antrho and end the night with some bowling! 
Have the best day ever- I can't wait till June so we can be reunited!


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