friends, oscars and thank yous.

I feel like we look super young in this photo! Maybe it's just my crazy hair?

Happy Sunday my friends!
You guys,
this is my first Sunday off in a year in a half!
And it's Oscar night!
Woot woot.
I love love love love love being able to have the weekend with Zak.
It's been so nice to just have slow long days, not doing too much 
and not having to worry about work.
Counting my blessings tonight.
It's the little things that make life awesome. 

gotta love blurry iPhone pics.
that is two blurry iPhone pics. 

Don't they look like they're playing poker or something intense?
Yesterday we walked Romie, watched some more movies to prep for the Oscars, made enchiladas and then headed to a married to medicine get together.
It was a Mexican food pot luck, and it was so so good.
I wish I had all that food right now. 
It's always great getting together with our friends.
They really have become like family.
The past two years they're the ones who we've celebrated big moments with, gone through crazy schedules with, and really spent the most time with since moving to Omaha. 
After dinner, the guys went and played games while the wives had girl time.
And then we all stayed up till 10:30 just talking. 
We are going to miss these people so much next year.

Ah the Oscars literally just started, and the opening act has already been amazing!
We made our picks, 
and fingers crossed Eddie, Rosamund, Imitation Game and J.K. Simmons take it home!
Zak and I love movies.
You could also call it obsessed.
And I love that my husband likes watching these award shows
{and really getting into them} as much as I do.
From going to the movies and watching all these films, to the red carpet gowns, our Oscar ballots and now watching the award show-
we love it all. 
My best friend, and husband is pretty amazing.
Oh and we also had a sleepover to watch whiplash, in preparation for tonight.

Oh and I wanted to also say thank you to the people who have watched my puppy mill story.
I keep getting cards in the mail, I got the cutest puppy bouquet and the social media attention it has continued to get makes me so unbelievably happy. 
I wanted as many people as possible to watch this story because I wanted to educate people on what our elected officials are allowing to happen in Nebraska, and other states around the country-
and I can truly say I reached my goal.
So thank you. 
If you haven't watched it yet, you can do so here.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday night-
I'm going to get back to the Oscars!

oh and ps I'm still going strong on my new years resolutions-
and they're slowly just turing into my everyday habits which is the!


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