valentines day diy garland.

Okay so I'm not super into DIY projects,
they usually cost me more money and time than just buying the dang thing. 
But, I was decorating our place last night and ended up making the cheapest/fastest/cutest garland ever!
I promise I wouldn't share it on here if it was a bust. 
And the best thing about?!
It was only two bucks!
Yes I said $2.00. 

Here's five easy steps on how to make my favorite Valentines Day Garland:

1. Grab you glue gun/sticks, bakers twin and pom poms. I found the twin and pom poms at my local Dollar Tree- they have the best crafts!

2. Plug in your glue gun, dump out the pom poms and unwind the twin!

3. Lay the twin on top of the pom poms- I did a red, pink white pattern.

4. Put a little dab of glue on each pom pom.

5. Press the twin into the glue- make it stick real good! 

And voila!
 You have yourself Valentines Day garland. 
See I told ya it was easy!
I love this because it's kinda 70's ish, 
{and I'm down for anything retro}
but also because it's not supposed to be perfect- you can space out the pom poms however you like, and then you can drape the garland on whatever you like!

Here's how I styled some of mine.

Draping it over my bar cart was a must!

And then I just laid it over the table. It's supposed to look like a pretty mess, I promise! 

One of my favorites, hanging them over our picture frames. 

Oh and I also paired it with other garland as well. 

So there ya have it!
Looks like a million bucks, but only costs ya two!
Woot woot to that.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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