traveling the world, sleepovers and movie hopping.

Happy Tuesday kids!
Hope you're day is off to a good start.
I don't work till late tonight so I'm enjoying a little blogging time before I run errands. 
Can I just say I kicked Monday's butt!? 
You know when you have one of those no-ones-stopping-me-from-having-the-best-day-ever- days?
They're kinda rare, I know.
But yesterday was one of them!
I woke up early (score)!
Went to my first spin class in FOREVER. 
So sad, because I really like going.
Biked 19 freaking miles. 
(to most spin people that's nothing, but I was dying afterwards and so stinkin' proud of myself).

Then Romie and I had a long walk in the sunny 50 degree weather!
(the East Coast is being slammed by snow right now and in the Midwest it's like it's summer time, what's up)?!
But hey, I'll take it. 
I had a great story lined up for work- everything worked out and I ended the night with a kick butt live shot. 
Oh and then I came home and we had a sleep over in the living room. 
Pretty darn productive day, and a happy day too.

Today wasn't that productive, I told ya they're rare!
I slept in and moved my spin class till later. 
But anywho I'm gunna do a little weekend round up. 
We had a Married to Medicine activity night Saturday called an 'Around the World Dinner'
It was a blast. 
We were was asked to bring a dish from our favorite foreign country, and everyone went all out!
It was like we traveled the world and ate our lives away all in one night. 
We had dishes from India, France, Italy, China, Greece and the Netherlands. 
So. Good.
If you haven't had one of these types of dinners with your friends, I totally recommend it.

We also had a movie night Thursday.
We went and saw American Sniper and Selma back to back.
I love that Zak loves going to the movies as much as I do.
It's kinda our hobby.

Gotta love dark blurry movie photos right?!
Our goal is to see all the Oscar nominated films and make our predictions as to who's going to win. 
So far we've seen those two, Theory of Everything and Imitation Game.
We're hoping to see Whip Lash and Bird Man soon. 
I still wish Interstellar or Gone Girl or Fury was nominated- all so good!
However my favorite has been Theory of Everything because I'm a sucker for love stories.
But so far I think Imitation Game might take it!
They're all so so good, it's hard to pick a winner!
Who are you rooting for?!


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