to grandmother's house we go.

During Zak's winter break I had a week off {woot woot} so we snuck away to Galesburg, IL to visit some of his family. 
We hadn't been there in four years, so this trip was well overdue. 
We love love love staying with his grandma.
Her house is the homiest coziest place there is. 
It was such a relaxing little getaway that we wish could have lasted forever. 
It was filled was long talks, homemade meals {pretty sure I gained a few pounds that week..},
lots of football, and hours of card games. 
I hope I can someday be half the cook she is!
We visited his family's farm, walked around the historic downtown area and hung out with his 93-year-old great grandma, too!

 It's the type of place where you forget you even have a phone, and social media is nonexistent. 
We're already planning another trip back, and can't wait to visit again.
His family is absolutely amazing, and I feel so special to be apart of it.
And they accept me even though I'm not a huge sports fan and really stink at any type of card game.. haha 
Double plus! 

I was kind of in love with all the red barns on the farm. 

I mean, how charming is this victorian farm house!?

Downtown is just charming.

We had lots of cuddle time, too.
Cards, cards and more cards.

His great grandma and great aunt ^^

Football, food, repeat. 

The squirrels love her house as much as we do!
Until next time!


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