moving back to arizona.

Yep you heard that title right-
we're moving back to ARIZONA!!!
First, before I explain I just want to say the power of prayer is truly unbelievable and I can't thank The Lord enough for this wonderful wonderful miracle of a blessing. 

Some reading this might think, moving to another state isn't a big deal...
especially not a miracle.
But for us, it is.
Let me explain.

Creighton has a program where you can complete your 3rd and 4th year of medical school at a Creighton med school program in Phoenix, we refer to this as the "Phoenix Track."

Only about 45 people get to go. 
When Zak was accepted into med school 45 people already had signed up to go..
so we were out of luck.
However there was a wait list!
So we thought we'll just sign up on the wait list, hoping to be like 2 or 3 on the list..
because really we never thought Phoenix was so popular-
but we quickly learned we were 46 on the WAIT LIST.
Therefore either the entire list of people going to Phoenix or the wait list people had to change their minds in order for us to go.
Dang near impossible odds.
Oh and people had till February 1st 2015 to decide..
so the deadline was quickly approaching. 

So as the year went on we fell on the wait list from 45..26.. and then 22.
It was stuck on 22 for a while and we both really didn't want to get our hopes up-
so we kinda came to terms with staying in Omaha. 
Which, honestly we were totally fine doing.
We have made life long friends here, I love my job and the city is great. 
But then before Christmas we found out we dropped down to 12.
We still didn't want to get our hopes up..
but kept praying and praying and praying..
and trusting in His plan. 

Fast forward to yesterday.
Less than a month till the deadline. 
 And Zak got an email saying we were 2.
Oh my goodness. 
We were thrilled!
I texted by best in AZ to tell her the news and to keep praying for us!

Zak actually decided to stay home {which never happens}
and it was my day off so I went about my day running errands. 
I had the longest ortho appointment and then headed to lovely Walmart to do some grocery shopping. 

I came home and as Zak was helping me with the groceries..
I sat down to say hi to Roomie really quick.
Zak sat down besides me and said Roomie and I have have some exciting news..

I screamed.
I couldn't believe it.
I still don't. 
I did not expect for us to know that quickly, and we thank The Lord for this blessing!
It happened!
We're moving to Phoenix!!
We're going home!

My day of productiveness went to a halting stop as we started calling family members and friends to tell them the great news! 
So after waiting a year and a half we got the news we're moving back! 

We truly are going to miss our amazing group of friends in our little married to medicine group- 
they've become like family to us. 
And I am going to miss FOX42 a ton.
I was super sad telling my boss yesterday-
the friendships I've made there are irreplaceable. 

We've got five months left here in Omaha, 
so we want to make them the best ones yet!
Sometime in June we'll be AZ residents again!

PS any broadcast/news/journalism/Cronkite folks out there reading this..
your girl needs a job and any leads are appreciated!!:)


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  1. I'm so excited for you! I can tell how happy you are about moving back to Arizona, and I can only hope the journey's been very well to you. As we all know, moving to a new home could be difficult, much less to another state. I'd love to see the new place if you don't mind, Sidney. A quick tour, I say, is definitely in order. Hahaha! Anyway, I hope you've been well. All the best to you! :)

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving