house hunting.

Okay Arizona people!
I need help finding the perfect little place to call home this summer. 
I know the one pictured above is something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and hysterically out of the picture, but it's just too pretty not to share.
Dang you Pinterest!

We're fine doing the apartment thing, we absolutely love where we live now. 
But the price of living is way less here, so we know finding the same quality in AZ for the same price is going to be a long shot. 

I also want to look at small houses or condos for rent as well. 
So with that being said, if anyone has some great recommendations please send them my way!
It's so hard looking via websites, and i'll be heading out this spring to look at places, but I feel like word of mouth works better sometimes. 

Shoot I'd even live in this pool house. 
But really. 

I saw a charming home posted on Instagram a few days ago, and cannot get it out of my head!
Why is it so hard to find an affordable, little historic home in a clean safe neighborhood?
I'm determined to find a great place for us.  
So cross your fingers for me!
And send any recs my way!



  1. In shopping for a house, it’s always best to broaden your search. And it wouldn't hurt to listen to recommendations from others. Not only will this give you more options, but also a higher chance to find your dream house for the great deal. Cheers!

    Sean McCrory @ Graham Commercial Real Estate

  2. Thank Sean for the advice, I really appreciate it! I will certainly take this into account. Thanks again!

  3. There's a lot of fantastic pegs on Instagram. They really get you going in finding what type of house you want. Yes, we should worry about price, but it's also okay to start with a visual. Thanks for this blog, Sydney. It helps to be inspired by something out of a Nicolas Sparks novel.

    Elton Rousseau @ Hancock Lettings and Estate Agents