future job.

Happy Monday!
I'm now off on Mondays- and Zak was a gent and stayed home with me.
We had a little mid afternoon book store date to pick up some new reading material,
and now he's studying away while I hit the blog.
I have so much on my mind with the big move coming up,
I feel like I could write for days!
{I also have lots of questions, too}.

Where are we going to live?
Apartment, condo house?
Is it going to be an easy transition for Zak?
How can we continue married to medicine?
What am I going to do for work?

And that last questions has been bugging me a lot lately. 
It's too early to start applying to places,
but not too early to dream. 
I love love love working in television. 
It's fun, energetic and keeps me on my toes!
I just don't know if I want to necessarily stay in news specifically for the rest of my career-
{now don't count me out of news, I'm just thinking out loud}!
And making myself vulnerable..
and contemplate posting this..
but I have so many thoughts and dreams and things I want to do in life I just needed to write it out.
Trust me, I can't get enough of telling a good story.
I've been able to give a voice to people who wouldn't have been heard.
Hold government officials accountable.
And help others who are desperately in need.
{like this story I did on an elderly veteran who had his car and work tools stolen days before Christmas}

But there's a lot more out there these days that I'd like to try as well.
I follow lots of amazing men & women on social media who have started their careers in TV news,
and have now branched out into other areas of broadcast-
like lifestyle for example.
And I'm like, 
"oh that looks kinda cool."
I have the degrees and experience to do something like that..
but then I'm like I don't know how the heck to even get started on that type of venture?!
Sorry I'm kinda ranting with my thoughts right now..
but it's what's on my mind. 

So anyways, the purpose of this post is to say I want to stay in television or continue to be on camera, oh and hopefully start a family as well!
Wait what?!
Is that too much to ask?
I don't think so!
That's what my dreams looks like these days and I'm determined to keep chasing them,
and challenging myself, especially when we make the move back to Arizona.
I'm super thankful for a hubby who always supports my crazy ideas!
So like I've mentioned before if any of you are in the business, Cronkite folk, have any creative job ideas, or advice at all about this industry-
help a girl out and send them my way.

Have a awesome rest of your day!


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