babies, marathons and graffiti.

Happy Tuesday blogger friends!
I seriously love this picture of Rom. 
Just look at his little paws on my shoulder.
Such sass. 
It's my day off (woot woot) so I'm starting it off with a little writing. 

Excuse my like very out-of-order previous blog posts.
I wrote about Christmas, oh just three weeks later. 
But I'm back to my normal bloggin schedule now.
It's crazy how during the holidays we get so busy and it's kind of like normal life is put on hold for a few weeks.
Which, hey I'm not complaining about one bit!

But after a two week catch-up period of chores, errands, appointments and getting around to those things I put off in December, it's nice to have my daily routine back-
oh and if you don't remember my new years resolution was to have a healthier routine..
and it's coming along!
It might be slowly, but it's surely coming along.
I even signed up for the gym again and went to a class!

Anywho work life is going really really well. 
I'm working on some investigative stories that I truly cannot wait to share on here.
once I'm done at FOX I plan on posting all my favorite stories for you guys to see!
So watch out for that:)

And home life going well too!
Last night we got to visit our friends in the hospital who just had TWINS!
Oh my goodness. They were like little pieces of heaven. 
8 and 6 in a half pound boys.
They are beautiful!
It was so cute seeing Zak hold them, it was his first time with infants and I think it's safe to say we both left there baby hungry. 
It was also fun to see all of our couple friends come together to visit them-
we truly are each others family's. 
I'm so thankful for this group of friends we have here, and will miss them like crazy.

In other news, my sister ran a half marathon this weekend!
Like, how amazing is that!?
The first one in our family to do it.
I'm so proud of her!
I'm hoping she'll push me to become a runner when we get to AZ..
hahah we'll see. 
But seriously, she's a rockstar. 
And total inspiration.

This past week has also consisted of a few girls nights-
which are always a blast. 
We discussed this article one of the nights-
it's a really interesting story, and a great one to dissect with your group of girlfriends.
The other time it was just a good ole fashion get together.
We do this things I call an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink lunch,
where everyone literally brings whatever they've got in the fridge/pantry sitting around..
condiments, baked goods, hummus, soup, whatever-
and you just bring it to someones house. 
It ends up being the best smorgasbord of food-
and no one has to go to the store or cook anything.
I recommend this type of lunch if you haven't done it yet!

My week was also filled with Alpha Phi!
I love love love being involved with my sorority as an alumna.
It's such a rewarding experience, and I love giving back to an organization that taught me so much. 
It was recruitment week for my Creighton gals- and they did such a wonderful job!
I'm so proud of this chapter.
 And I love advising for such respectful young women.
I'm also in charge of a alumnae group for newly graduated Phi's and I'm in the process of planning some super fun events, which is also a pleasure to do!

And for the random portion of this post..

I did a story on my favorite antique shop that was hit with graffiti (boo).

My mom's dog is hilarious and so stinkin cute.

It's been super nice weather lately- like 30's and 40's all week!
(watch now because I said that it's going to drop to zero)
but before it warmed up..
 (it was so cold for a while)
 I had these pretty snowflakes all over my windshield.

I got a birch box subscription for Christmas!
I know, I'm like 5 years late on this trend.
But, I'm still so excited to get this little blue box in the mail each month!

This is me and Rom currently. 

He does not like when I'm on my computer. 
Please excuse what I'm wearing. 
I like to steal Zak's sweatshirts during the winter. 

We hope you have a great rest of your day!


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