Dear 2014,

You were such a dang good year.
I finally felt settled here in Omaha, which meant a world of a difference.
I had some ups and downs with work, but ended on top.
{It wasn't always that way}.
We had lots of visitors come see our new home in the midwest,
and got to travel back to AZ and spend time with loved ones!
We got very lost multiple times driving around this city. 
And Zak did so well in school. He just blows my mind with this medical school stuff. 
I had lots of failed recipes..
But we had some incredible times with our group of friends here.. who have become like family to us. 
I covered some super sad stories.
We moved out of the "up and coming neighborhood."
And I was in THREE weddings. I just love love. 
We learned how to embrace being broke newlyweds. 
We went to Chicago for the first time!
And both turned 24. We're getting old!
Became fur baby parents.
Tried eating healthy and going to the gym.. hence tried
Threw some awesome parties.
Visited two state capitols. Super exciting stuff- but hey it counts!
Picked pumpkins. 
And went to our first Husker game.
We took lots of trips to see the midwest like Kansas City, Des Moines, Lincoln, and Galesburg, IL.
Hung out with Zak's great grandma. 
And watched too much Netflix. No regrets there.
We had lots of sleepovers in the living room. 
And strengthened our marriage like crazy. 

Thanks 2014, 
for being a great year of love & growth.

Mr. & Mrs. H. 

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