Happy {belated} Thanksgiving blogger buds! 
Hope your turkey tango was nothing less than spectacular. 
Ours was pretty good, and we didn't even have a Thanksgiving meal!
Second married Thanksgiving we haven't had a traditional holiday due to my work schedule, oops.
But, that didn't stop us from having an awesomely awesome weekend.


- Had a Target date night
- Browsed the isles looking for new decorations
- Ate yummy Qdoba {our version of Chipotle}
- Decked the halls aka our little apartment
- Drank lots of hot chocolate
- Jingle Bell rocked
- Binge watched a few new shows..
for maybe too long
- I did a story on free Thanksgiving meals for military families
- We desperately looked for a restaurant to go to after I was off work at 10 PM..
and ended up eating grocery store deli food.. yikes.
- We picked out our wittle Christmas tree
- Saw the "Theory of Everything" 
PS bring a box of tissues when you see it, you're welcome. 
- Decorated our tree
- Made breakfast together
- Watched Frosty the Snowman
- Went on walks with Romie
- Skyped family
- Wished our niece a happy 7th birthday!
- Took some naps
- Binge watched shows some more..
- And then felt guilty about it so we did couples yoga instead...........

Our finished apartment!
Target finds. 
Shot from my story!
Happy birthday little one- we love you more than you know!
Doesn't Romie just look so dapper?

Cuddle time. 
My favorite thing is to go on walks through historic neighborhoods and dream about the houses. Swoon. 
Everyone was out hanging decor! 
My boys. 
Hot chocolate and fox mugs. yes and yes. 
He's going to kill me for posting this.. oopsies!
Our tree! 

It was a wonderful weekend! 

I'm so thankful for the time we had together, thankful for our marriage, thankful for The Lord, thankful for my job, thankful for this medical journey, thankful for our families, thankful for our health and happiness, thankful for Romie, thankful for all of our service men and women, thankful for our tiny apartment, thankful for holiday cheer, thankful for all the small things that make life so wonderful like candles and Skinny Cows, thankful for supportive parents, thankful for our group of friends here in Omaha and our amazing friends back home, thankful for our own washer and dryer, thankful for cookies and yummy food that I'm not holding back on during the holidays, thankful for warm clothes during the cold days, and thankful for a wonderful husband to come home to each night.  

My list could go on and on and on and on and on and on.

Hope you had the best day ever!


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