lovely & lame lists.

Happy Veterans Day!
Thanks to all the past, present and future men and women who have sacrificed their life for this country. 
You rock! 
This photo is when we were honeymooners at the Pearl Harbor Memorial is Hawaii. 
If you ever have the chance to go, do it.

So I'm switching things up today.
Instead my regular blog post about what's going on,
I'm going to start to break it up sometimes.
Into two lists.
A lovely list.
A lame list.

- Today is our first day of snow!
- I somehow managed to get a derm appt., grocery shopping, cooking for the week, cleaning and a shower in by noon. 
- The hubs came home to study since it's my day off. 
- Romie curled up in my lap while I blog. 
- Talks about babies. 
- Grocery shopping at Target. Woot woot. 
- My mom comes to Omaha exactly one week from today. 

- It's 20 degrees outside and I could't take Romie for our routine walk this morning because of the snow.
- I've had to take him outside 5 times already. He refuses to "go" in the snow. 
- Carrying groceries up outdoor stairs in the snow when it's 20 degrees.
- Driving during morning traffic in the snow. 
- Did I mention snow?
- My last day off is going bye way too fast.
- We still have all of our Halloween decorations up. 
{we don't really have any Thanksgiving decorations}
.. so we're just going to have a spooky Thanksgiving this year.  
That's okay, right?

PC: Pinterest. 

^^ One day I want this to be my Thanksgiving table. Sigh. 

Anywho, that's my day thus far. The pros & cons. 
Hope your day is going good! 

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