Isn't crazy that we're already half way through November?!
What the heck.
And we already celebrated with a big friendsgiving dinner this weekend too, which is making the month fly by even faster!
Mmm lets talk about that dinner. 
Like wow.
We didn't really have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner last year..
so finally eating turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, salad, rolls, pie and ice cream was amazing. 
It was with the Married to Medicine gang.
 We went to another couple's home..
{who actually has a house}
and it was darling!
A long table, floral center pieces and tons of candles were all over the dining room. 
It was really sweet.
I'm already craving all that food again. 

It's also been snowing here like crazy! 
We got 3 inches this weekend, and it's been freezing {like temps in the teens} ever since. 
The good thing that comes with snow however, is lazy movie watching days. 
Really though, when it snows everyone hunkers down since the roads are messy.
It's the best excuse to have a movie marathon. 
For instance we've been to the theatre four times in the last couples weeks!
Interstellar, you are mind blowing. 
And we might have started watching the Hunger Games all over again, preparing for the new one that comes out this week!
We're movie fans, okay?!

take-out movie night are my favorite.
Whole row to ourselves- yes!
I don't know- this is just a random photo form election day I wanted to include?

But the bad thing about snow A. working in it and B. poor Romie doesn't do well in it..
so there's totally pros and cons. 

18 degrees!!!!
Anywho, I hope you had a great {and warmer} weekend than us!
Have a wonderful Monday!


Oh and PS another good thing about snow- this ^^ 


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