murder mystery dinner party.

First off, let me just warn you that the Hambsch's are serious about holidays,
especially Halloween. 

For instance, this weekend was..
FRIGHT-fullly Delightful,
GHOUL cool,
HAUNT-ingly Fun,
and.. okay okay I know you get it. 
I just love the holiday season!
And so does the hubs. 

I had this idea of throwing a murder mystery dinner party..
and was a little hesitant about it, but when I told Zak, he was thrilled and totally went with it!
This past week has been so much fun.
We did tons of decorating, 
party planning, 
pumpkin bread baking, 
Monster Mash listening, 
Harry Potter watching, 
and candy eating all to get ready for the big night!

PS, if you're not familiar with a murder mystery party,
it's a fun dinner party where everyone comes in character and has to solve a mysterious murder throughout the course of dinner. 
Pretty much like playing real life Clue. 

We sent out these adorable Tiny Prints invites,
that went perfectly with the antiqued mansion theme we were going for!
The orange lines aren't usually there- I just did that to block out our address. 

Zak was the mansion owner and was "mysteriously murdered" during dinner.
I was the mansion's maid, who had a bad habit of stealing his wives jewelry.

Oh and we can't thank our friends enough for totally getting into it and making the night a blast. 
Oh and everyone brought the yummiest food too,
like always. 
We have such awesome friends, I tell yah!

The estate driver, and town gypsy!

A celebrity, and the town's mayor. 

I think Zak and I might start making Hambsch Halloween party's an annual event,
because it was a hoot! 
{Get the owl/fall-ish wording there}?! 

And one last shout out to the hubs for all your hard work putting everything together, 
you're zee best!
And always support my crazy ideas. ;)

Now slow down October so we can enjoy our spooky 900 square foot "mansion" some more!  

Hope your having a wonderful holiday season thus far!


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