life lately.

Hey fall!
You. Are. Such. A. Tease.
It's been sunny 60 all month..
the trees are the most vibrant red, orange and pink i've ever seen..
and the fact that it's the holiday season is making it all the better.
Everyday I wake up in anticipation that it's going to be 20 degrees-
but so far it's just the ultimate fall weather. 
Please stay like this for as long as possible.

hope you're having a great week!
Only one day left till the weekend. 
Woot woot. 

Zak had his "fall break" {one day off} this past weekend so we got to spend all kinds of time together, and it was amazing.
I love when we just get to be in our own little world.
Ignoring responsibilities, budgets and to-do lists.
It's like we're in college again, without a worry in the world.
Sorry to be all sappy, it's just that we don't ever get to have full days together anymore, so when they do come around, it's heavenly. 
We went to see the movies "Gone Girl" and "Fury."
Holy moly, both GREAT films. 
Like really, the first was insane and nerve-racking.
The second was emotional and made you leave the theatre still thinking about the characters.
Oh and Brad Pitt's the leading man, so you really can't go wrong.
After that we were on a total war movie binge and decided to watch Saving Private Ryan 
{another great one} and have a slumber party in the living room.
Oh and we tried watching "The Strangers," thinking,
"It's Halloween, lets watch a scary movie, it'll be fun!"
And within ten minutes we turned that crap off.
No freaking way we were going to put ourselves through that horror movie. 
So yeah I guess you could say we watched lots of movies..
oh and took lots of walks with Rom and took our Christmas pictures..
And ate out more than once..
and crossed lots of things off of our fall bucket list.
And we were mesmerized by the pretty fall leaves all around us. 
Or maybe that was just me. 

Oh and I did take Romie to this cool old castle..
where I then somehow lost my keys and phone in different spots.
I had a minor panic attack..
thought I was going to be locked inside the castle gates..
asked a stranger to use her phone,
and thankfully had the best hubs in the world come and rescue us and luckily..
found my stuff.
Oh and saw a snake in the grass. 
If you know me, nothing scares me more than snakes.
Sooo it was a kinda crazy evening in the Hambsch house.
But a crazy good weekend.
One for the books!

We don't get sunsets much, so when I saw this pretty sky I had to document it. 
Went to an Anthro event and helped make their Christmas tree display- can't wait to see the final product!

It's all really pretty until you lose all your belongings. 
I don't know what I'd do without him. Probably be locked inside the castle, that's what. 

I'm telling yah, the trees here are phenomenal. 
And the ground is covered in leaves.

Get ready for our modeling session. 
Sleepovers in the living room is one of our favorite things to do.

Have a great rest of your Thursday people!
I'm about to go ditch the gym for a picnic in the park with the girls. 
Speaking of the gym...
help me get back to that foreign place!
I keep telling myself, okay I'll go today..
and then life happens and it's shifted on the bottom of my "to-do" list and it's the one thing that never gets crossed off.
Okay, my whining it over. 



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