his birthday.

Happy birthday to my..
best friend,
soul mate,
high school sweetheart,
better half,
old boyfriend,
one time fiancé,
doggy daddy,
future baby daddy,
med school student,

You're the best thing that has ever happened to me,
and I'm forever grateful you were born on September 24th, 1990.

We celebrated his birthday a little early this year, since I unfortunately had to work on his actual birthday and then had a very early flight to catch the next morning. 
We had people over for cake, root beer floats, & Krispy Kreme's. 
I made a "no bake" cheesecake.. and it looked cute for about 2 seconds until it started melting and turned into pudding.
Wife fail.
But hey, no way to go wrong with donuts and ice cream though, right?
We played lots of catch phrase, and visited with friends, late into the night.
It was really sweet!
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

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On his actual birthday I woke up early to bake him cinnamon rolls
{his favorite}
and open presents with him, before sending him off to school.
I wrote him 24 cards, and had him open them each hour.
They were reasons why I'm so thankful he was born!
After work & school we met for burgers and ice cream in Midtown,
and then curled up on the couch a watched some Netflix.
I love ending nights with him like this. 
I was bummed I had to leave so early the next morning, 
and was gone for five days. 
But, I'm really glad we were able to spend that night together. 
This guy is the bees knees and I love celebrating him.
Happy birthday babe, 24 never looked so handsome!
I think he liked the notes:)

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