halloween party.

Halloween I love you!
I wish October would just repeat over and over again. 
Romie agrees, he doesn't want the snow to come either. 
It's been a blast throwing parties all month, dressing up in fun costumes and most importantly..
eating lots of holiday treats. 
On Saturday we had our Married to Medicine  Halloween party.
Zak and I spent the afternoon watching Mary Poppins and getting into character.
I still have "Just a spoon full of sugar.. makes the medicine go down.." stuck in my head.
Such a happy movie. 
And I've been wanting to dress up as Mary for a couple years now, so I was super excited to cross that off my list!

The party was filled with food, games and good laughs.
We had a costume contest {no we didn't win} and had an intense game of charades. 
We haven't played that in forever.. and man oh man I was laughing so hard.
I forgot how hilarious it can be!

I'm really glad we had a halloween party this year.
We're in that awkward stage where we're married.. so most "halloween parties" are not really for young married couples.. but we don't have kiddos yet, either so no excuse to dress up yah know?
 So this worked perfectly. 

Winners of the costume contest!
Darla and Alfalfa. 
A mad scientist, Cinderella and a cowgirl.
How cute is their pup pretzel?!?!
A bear, mouse and itty bitty strawberry baby!
Captain America and Wonder Woman!

Snapped that ^^ pic of Zak playing charades. 
Such a good night!
Only three days till Halloween!
Can't wait!
Do you have a costume picked out yet?!


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