Can you believe it's been six months since I've been back to Phoenix?!
I went back at the end of September, because my best cousin was getting married.
She really was the prettiest bride, ever.
Just wait for the photos!
It was a nice excuse to make a mini vacation and see my family and friends again. 
The first day my mom picked my up bright and early..
oh and I have someone new to introduce you to!
She had my new baby brother Jack along with her at the airport,
and let me tell you how stinking cute this little two pound pup is!
Seriously melts my heart looking at him. 
Then the three of us had brunch at Arcadia Farms.
It was sweet soaking up the sun on the patio,
catching up with my mom,
and having each and every person who walked by ooh and awe at Jack!
My mom ordered a blueberry crepe, and somehow Jack managed to sneak a lick..
and ended up with a bright blue beard, and I was dying laughing.
As my mom was panicking that it wasn't going to come out!
Thankfully, it did. 
We then made our way to the Scottsdale Mall.
I had been totally looking forward to shopping.
Love the midwest, but when it comes to fashion, we're like a year behind.
I snagged an Anthro dress on sale and had the best time picking out presents for the newlyweds!
Then we went back home so I could take a little cat nap.
My flight was at 4 AM.. so I was a little slap happy and sleepy!
That night my dad {who I hadn't seen in 6 months..!} took me out to my favorite restaurant {Pita Jungle} and then we grabbed pedi's together.
Real pops take their daughters to get their nails done. ;)
He would KILL me if he knew I was writing about this hahhaha. 
We then picked up the kiddos and went to the bowling alley.
Which then turned into playing arcade games and laser tag instead-
I seriously had a blast playing laser tag {won twice, woot woot} and felt like such a kid.
I highly recommend playing laser tag on a week night {so no one else is there} with you family.
It's hilarious, completive and actually a good workout. I was so out of breath at the end!
I ended the night staying up late with my bestie Charlcie and catching up on everything under the sun.
I miss that girl!
No one makes you laugh as hard as she does.
Never a dull moment with her!
Crossing my fingers we'll be back next year so we can have more nights like that!
Anywho, day one was killer. 

Day two:
Coffee with my awesome mother in law.
Love, love love catching up with her.
Driving around sketchy Mesa trying to find sparklers for the wedding..
with my mom, two kiddos, myself, and a pup.
Driving to Cali for the wedding. 
Putting together flower arrangements,
visiting family,
and eating lots of Mexican food. 

Day three:
It went bye in a flash.
So much fun.
Absolutely gorgeous. 
And picture perfect.
The dance floor was a riot,
and everyone had a blast. 
She said she wanted to look like Carrie Underwood, and I love Carrie, but Ash you looked a million times better!
Barbie bride! 
I couldn't be happier for Mr. and Mrs. White,
they were certainly made for one another!
Best wishes, you love birds!

She's like my sister. 
Gotta love a good photo bomber..NOT. Ash still looked stunning though! 
That dress was EVERYTHING.
Real life Barbie, I tell ya!
And then boo boo fell asleep on my lap and it was the sweetest thing ever. Love this little one so dang much. 
I LOVED those letters!
Day Four:
We met the newlyweds for breakfast,
said our sad goodbyes
and I headed back to AZ with my mom and Jack.
We spend the rest of the night together, which was awesome. 
The weather was seriously so nice.
Fall in AZ is perfect. 
We took the pup to the dog park for the first time.
It was the cutest thing ever to see him hoping {he doesn't run} with the other dogs in the "shy section" of the park. 
Then we went and ate Chipotle on the patio and walked around the outdoor mall with him while snacking on Gelato.
I really cherish nights like those.
And pray like crazy we get on the Phoenix track so we can be closer to our families and have more days like that. 
Okay no more talking about it or it'll make me sad. 

Like he's TOO CUTE!

Final Day:
Charlcie was awesome and picked me up in the morning with a BoSa donut in hand!
Only true BFF's do that. 
We went shopping at Anthro and target {typical},
and then met up with the rest of the girls at Pita Jungle,
yes again. 
I swear I laugh so much around them.
The sweetest friends I have!
It's crazy how we're all growing up, out of college and starting little lives as real adults.
Reason number 2395406847267 I hope we get to move back there. 
No one can replace your true girlfriends. 
Zak's mom then picked me up and took me to the airport-
ugh didn't want to leave. 
But guess what?!
Both my parents had to work that day..
and I didn't realize my flight left at 3 in the afternoon so it was going to be impossible for them to see me off.
That is, until I saw my pop in the terminal in his work clothes ready to say bye before I left.
The airport was empty for once, so we got to sit and talk for over an hour,
which I'm so grateful for!
Living away from your parents and family makes you seriously hold on to simple times like that,
and thank the Lord for time together. 
Goodbyes really suck.
I cry each and every time. 
Saying bye to the kiddos makes my heart heart.
Saying bye to my mom makes me homesick.
Saying bye to my dad makes me sad. 
As I was going through security I had tears running down my face.. and every TSA worker kept saying "I'm so sorry, I see your dad waving, how sweet.. " 
which made me cry even harder. 
Whenever my parents see me off they stay and wave me goodbye until I can't see them any longer..
and it's the hardest thing to not have a mini breakdown in the airport. 
Sounds drastic. 
But going 6 months without seeing them can be really tough.
And I'm done talking about that as I'm starting to tear up.

Bestest friends, and bridesmaids a girl could ask for, 

sorry for the novel.
I'm playing catch up and writing out my feelings.
Oh and trying to ignore the fact that there's Reese's and pumpkin bread staring at me from the kitchen. 
{I'm attempting to eat good, since I've been terrible, oh ever since this little AZ trip.}

Have a Monday people!


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