Hey people!
Hope your Friday night is a little more lively than mine! 
Yes, I'm blogging on a Friday night.. shows how crazy my life is.
My poor hubby crashed at about 5:00 tonight and is already sound asleep-
But it's okay, I'm used it by now. 
{That may seem like a rude comment if read wrong, but I promise I'm saying it nicely}.
Really, I am.
 And I'm actually glad he's asleep by 6 on a Friday night, on my night off-
he's been working his butt off studying to be the best doctor he can be and he deserves to sleep for days!
If you would have asked me how I felt about it this time last year, I would've been bummed.
But, now I understand medical school and understand the medical life.
And I know that he gets up at 4 AM so that he can study all day long and be finished by the time I get home-
and I know if he didn't need to study he wouldn't and he would be at home with me. 
And I know that he works so hard for his future patients and for our future family.
And I appreciate that so so so much.
He was certainly born to do this,
and has got a gift to help people. 
He makes me so unbelievably proud.
I feel like I say that all the time, yet not enough. 
 I love this long medical journey we're on together.
It's truly a blessing. 
Even the Friday nights when it's just me Romie & Netflix,
or days where we only see each other for 20 minutes,
and especially when you give me a check up or tell me about the cute little babies in the NICU.
It's all a blessing. 
I know he probably won't like me talking about him, but I can't help it. :)
I love you so much, best friend. 

I know I look crazy with my eyes shut but I LOVE Rom in this photo.

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