Oh yeah double blog post on a Friday night!
It's September- the best month of the year!
It's our birthday month.
And I'm in a wedding.
And I'm going to Arizona.
Woot woot. 
I can't wait. 
It's been six months since I've been back, and that's way too long. 
I'm so excited to see everyone.

August went by in a flash.
It was a pretty good month.
I put my phone down lot, worried less and prayed more. 
We ate way too much, and now we're paying for it. 
Trying to be "healthy" this month, wish us luck.
Zak has one month of school down, and time is flying by.
The temperature is cooling down, and I'm just waiting for the leaves to change. 
I'm trying to embrace the stupid cold months and look forward to the holidays and not the single digits.
I've been keeping busy with lots of breaking news, pool days with the wives, running, dinner with girlfriends and long walks with Romie. 

First time laying out all summer.. and now I'm a lobster. Never again. 
Study breaks are my favorite times.
This is why we are not eating out this month- TOO much Chinese take-out.
Oh just looking like a wet cat after the tornado watch we had.
I'm really really really going to miss our green view come the next few months.

Today I spent my afternoon cooking lots of meals-
and now our little apartment smells like tomatoes, basil, freshly baked baguettes and pasta.
It's devine. 
For some reason when I feel anxiety creeping up 
{which seems to be daily, why?!}
cooking and walks with Rom and running seems to help. 
So that's what I've been doing a lot of lately. 
Oh and cuddles with the hubs too, that always helps.

 Oh and here are some photos of Romie.
PS his name is pronounced like Rome and ee not Raw-mi.

This is him not wanting to get out of bed.

After Zak leaves at the crack of dawn he becomes my cuddle buddy.

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